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40Ω Flow Control and Check Valves (EF(C)G-02/03/06/10) (EFC)

40Ω Flow Control and Check Valves (EF(C)G-02/03/06/10) (EFC)

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Since the preselected flow rate continuously varies in proportion to the current input to the valve, the system flow rate can be remotecontrolled as desired by regulating the amplifier current output. Further, since pressure and temperature compensation functions are provided, the preselected flow rate is not affected by pressure (load) or temperature (fluid viscosity). This valve is ideal for use where actuator startup, stop, and speed changes are to be implemented without producing a shock. Note that this valve is used in conjunction with the applicable power amplifier.

40Ω Series Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Flow Control (and Check) Valves

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