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ELDFHG-04/06EH is a high flow closed loop OBE type High Response Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Directional and Flow Control Valve. The two different models of two stage OBE valves have a maximum rated flow rate up to 500 L/min (∆P=0.5MPa (72 psi) at each port) are available.

The two stage valve is a result of a direct operated high response proportional Electro-Hydraulic pilot valve developed from Yukens’ high-speed linear servo valve known for its’ fast response. A small, powerful proportional solenoid pilot valve is applied closed loop around the main stage with an LVDT for spool position detection.

The valves provide high response, high accuracy, and high reliability equivalent to that of basic servo valves. Zero lap spools (spool type 3C2L) are offered, suitable for position or pressure control.

ELDFHG Two Stage High Response Proportional Valve with OBE

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