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The Benefits Of The Yuken ELDFG Series


Previous models of the proportional valve highlighted reoccurring problems such as:

  • Costly: Valves are costly and difficult to service up the tower. The electronic lifespan needed to be improved.
  • Rotational Movement: Rotational (washer) movement inherently causes high levels of vibration causing the product lifespan to decrease.
  • Performance: Valves must perform when needed to maximise wind efficiency and prevent over-speed of the turbine to prevent further damages.

The Solution

Introducing the Yuken ELDFG Series – Proportional Valve with ruggedised OBE design & seamless integration.

The Benefits:

  • The ELDFG Valve is seamlessly integrated.
  • Equal or better performance than competitors.
  • Spool Cut/ Flow Rate.
  • Dither Rate.
  • More Robust Electronic Card & Housing Design.
  • Improved Driver Card Mounting.
  • Improved Driver Card Design Over Competitors.


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